High voltage electrical industry from the technology, manufacturing, production step by step

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      Since the reform and opening up, China's electrical industry in the national economy high speed development environment, through the "Introduction - Digestion - innovation" in developed countries the cash management experience and technology, entered a new historical period of development, high and low voltage electrical technology regardless of product design, manufacturing technology and management, the production process has great progress.

      In the high-voltage electrical appliances, SG6 technology, vacuum technology, combination technology has been applied to the product structure, and basically realized the "no oil"". Has emerged in the process of the introduction of the shell production line, vacuum epoxy casting and injection molding equipment, machining center, etc.. At present, through market research and high-voltage electrical appliances market turnover rate, and customer feedback, domestic equipment 500KV and below voltage has been able to meet the domestic needs, the technical parameters have been close to or reached the national advanced level.

      With the progress of science and technology, high voltage electrical equipment using the new technology, the new principle, new technology, new media, is brewing a new generation of high-voltage electrical appliances, the development trend is as follows:

      1 combination, complete set to meet the needs of small size, small area, high performance, high reliability, there have been a variety of combinations of electrical appliances and complete sets of electrical appliances. In addition, FC switchgear cabinet, multi-layer cabinet, the switch fuse combinations, high-voltage contactor fuse combination electric appliance (for FC cabinet), load switch, drop out fuse and surge arrester, and lightning arrester, isolating switch, voltage and current transformer and other combination, and has been developed the combination of complete sets of equipment level type, such as gas insulatedswitchboard (C - GIS), GIS (GIS), and the whole substation such as a combination of prefabricated substation (including transformer and high voltage electrical box changes).

      2 large capacity and high parameters of modern life with the rapid growth of electricity, industrial and agricultural use of electricity, high voltage and large capacity power grid formation, the requirements of high voltage electrical capacity and various parameters of the rapid upgrade. Currently the main power transmission and distribution equipment rated current has been increased from 1000A to 4000A to 2500A, short-circuit current has increased from 16~20kA to 31.5~50kA, or even higher. The number of single pole breaks in 550kV circuit breaker has been reduced from 4 to 2, and the single fracture surface is being intensively developed. If the main force of China's power transmission and distribution voltage cannot be increased rapidly, then, China's power grid on the high voltage electrical equipment, large capacity and high parameter trend will not cool (higher transmission voltage to voltage distribution in some subordinate ring network, to reduce the short-circuit current the power grid).

      3 Mechanical and electrical integration (intelligent) due to the development of computer, sensor technology and the improvement of power grid automation, the demand for the intelligent functions of high voltage electrical appliances is more urgent. Electrical equipment and advanced technology combined with the weak can significantly extend the function of high-voltage electrical appliances, to provide better conditions for the power grid automation, telecontrol, online detection. The traditional electromagnetic relay protection device, the electric meter and the control device which are large in size, weight and function are replaced by the multifunctional computer and the sensor.

      4, maintenance free products with high voltage electrical products use a large number of SF6 and other excellent vacuum insulation and arc extinguishing medium, as well as the establishment of the advanced high-tech (such as CAM) to implement the production process on the basis of the maintenance cycle of the products can be extended to 10 years, or even lifelong free maintenance products. And with the development of electronic and information technology, online detection technology to practical, the use of conditions to achieve the conditions from the fault to the state maintenance of the transformation. Operation and maintenance will also be implemented "few people, efficient, safe and reliable". In the next ten years, there will be a period of great development in the development of the products, and will gradually occupy a certain position in the power system.

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