How to detect the high voltage isolation switch

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      Do you know how to detect the high voltage isolation switch, or let Zhejiang Valley Yuan Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. to tell you.

      When the switch unit is in service, it is to strengthen the maintenance of the high-voltage load switch on the 220kV bus bar, which should be included in the plan and regulation.

      The replacement of the contact spring parts of the high voltage isolation switch or the replacement of the whole static contact should shorten the period of the aging degree.

      The dynamic and static contact resistance contact surface is the main cause of fever, high-voltage wall bushing after repair of high-voltage isolation switch conductive loop resistance measurement is the means of quality inspection, maintenance of equipment operation conditions and not as qualified.

      The online temperature monitoring contact is the main method to detect contact heating, heating equipment contact patrol found more subtle, more difficult, high voltage fuse measurement should be further strengthened; the key is to find the temperature rise measurement temperature exceeds a certain value part of the regular temperature; on load point and the heating part of on-line temperature measurement. Is a large load.

      The relevant provisions of the establishment of contact overheating.

      The high-voltage isolation switch contactor without protective cover, error prone to touch operation, should consider the perfect complement. To pay attention to the operation and maintenance of the terminal. The sealing ring of the box door is easy to aging, to always change, a good seal can reduce the maintenance workload.

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