Method for improving service life of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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      Corrosion is the natural enemy of any equipment, the impact of beauty is not seriously reduced the mechanical strength of the transmission sector and thus affect the performance of the product to reduce the service life of equipment. So what is the method of improving the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker?

      The way to improve the life of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is to prevent corrosion. The root cause of corrosion is the material, structure design and manufacturing process, especially the surface treatment effect of parts can not adapt to the harsh environment and climate conditions. In the design of product structure and parts of structure and processing technology, when bad sealed ball bearings will cause the ingress of moisture bearing caused by corrosion mechanism due to water condensation water and indoor corrosion. Most of the surface of the product parts are galvanized and electrophoresis paint. In the actual assembly process, in order to drive precision, often at the expense of the surface of the coating and the surface of the purpose of mutual contradiction. Most manufacturers have no outside of the large number of stainless steel parts and the use of circuit breakers and agencies to strengthen the seal. The use of stainless steel as the raw material is to improve the corrosion resistance, but the high cost of materials, parts processing is difficult, it is not easy to think of mass production. Rolling bearing in standard parts in most of the steel, but can not meet the needs of this method is anticorrosive, only a temporary solution. Now the gas seal structure similar to ZW20A, but not filled with SF6 gas, the use of a composite insulation form, filled with clean nitrogen, to protect parts, this is the ideal choice.

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